Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Introduction to Pega

o   Pegasystems was founded in 1983 by CEO and Chairman Alan Trefler. The company went public in 1996 and began trading on NASDAQ under the symbol PEGA.
o   PEGA is a Java-based Business Process Management(BPM) tool which is used to build enterprise web applications without any coding.
o   PEGA® is suitable for all IT professionals who look forward to become System Architects and Senior System Architects in future and become Industry experts on the same.
o   This course can be pursued by IT/Non-IT professionals.
What is PRPC?
o   PegaRULES Process Commander®, or PRPC, is a comprehensive platform for building and deploying BPM, CRM, decision management and case management applications.
o   It is a powerful, flexible, platform that can do almost anything, but it focuses on automating our work, and automating our programming.
o   PRPC Automates the work and automates the programming
o   We can develop Application with out any coding

The Build for Change® Platform?
PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC) lets you respond faster to your customers' needs with an improved developer experience and enhancements in ease-of-use. A new look and feel -- paired with improved performance -- enhances both developer and end-user experience. Bring straightforward case management design, flexible data reuse, security, mobile and social capabilities, and connectivity enhancements to your applications to drive customer satisfaction.
What is BPM?
o   Business process management (BPM) is a methodology to manage processes and workflows in an organization. The goal of this methodology is to increase efficiency, performance, and agility in the day-to-day operations of a business.
o   Gartner defines it as "A management practice that provides for governance of a business's process environment toward the goal of improving agility and operational performance. BPM is a structured approach employing methods, policies, metrics, management practices and software tools to manage and continuously optimize an organization's activities and processes.“
Advantages of BPM
o   Better, faster & more cost effective than your current alternatives
o   Adapt Quickly to changing business conditions
o   Process business critical activities faster & with Quality
o   Reduce the number of errors and exceptions
o   Reduce overall IT costs & Improves Productivity
o   Effective resource utilization
o   Reduce duplications
o   Increase Efficiency and Performance
o   Reduce business risks